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New on 500px : Most na Soči Slovenia by ubaruch by ubaruch

I have just returned from a 2 weeks trip to Slovenia and Croatia. Here is the first swallow. The beautiful village of Most na Soči near Tolmin.

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New on 500px : Two Bridges by cihan42 by cihan42

Two bridges. One of them is connecting one roof to another, the other one is an ancient one called as “Şeytan Köprüsü” Devil’s Bridge.

The Devil’s Bridge, an ancient bridge in Sille, Konya / Turkey.

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New on 500px : Rouen and Clouds by ljsilver71 by ljsilver71

Wanna know how I made this photo? Click here and learn my tips RiccardoMantero.com

A cloudy sky over the characteristic buildings in one of the most beautiful squares of Rouen. The variety of the facades of these homes make that the city seems a fantasy place. I liked them so much that I tried to emphasize their fantastic aspect.

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