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New on 500px : Twillingate, NL at sunset by hckygrl by hckygrl

Twillingate, at the border between a sunny evening and a large storm.
It’s June: the ice chunks are pieces of icebergs that reached the shore (the air temperature was just over 20C/68F)

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New on 500px : Stranded, Iceland by tucucumba by tucucumba

Todavía falta unos meses para que volvamos a visitar la Isla, la espera se hace interminable. Me encantan los eternos amaneceres y atarderes de noviembre, puedes preparar la toma sin ninguna prisa, sin miedo a que es sol se olculte en un par de minutos, sin prisas ni estres, disfrutando de esa luz mágica durante horas. Estoy enamorado de Islandia 🙂

There is still a few months to return to visit the island, the wait is very long. I love sunrises and eternal sunsets of November, you can prepare to photography no hurry, without fear that is sun goes down in a couple of minutes, no rush or stress, enjoy the magical light for hours. I’m in love with Iceland 🙂


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New on 500px : Shadow of Greatness by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

I recently reworked this file. Taking the time to finesse it a bit more with different approaches to how I managed the light. It’s a tough scene to process due to the light just going flat at this spot during sunset while in the shadow of this wall of peaks. Working the contrasts and luminosity to make things pop a bit more, while adding in a bit of glowing light up top seems to bring it back to life… but I left it dark enough that it still looks shadowy and secluded.

I teach all of this stuff online via Skype screen sharing. I have also released my first video of these series I am working on about post processing. This stuff, as well as all sorts of other stuff, can be found at Ryan Dyar Photography.

Also, I’m happy to announce that I will be co-leading a tour in March with my friend Arild Heitmann! 10 epic days of chasing light across Norway. Mountains, beaches, beaches with mountains, Aurora, long arctic sunrises and sunsets. It’s destined to be the trip of lifetime!

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New on 500px : Ice is Nice by lolloriva by lolloriva

A huge iceberg landed on Jökulsárlón Beach at sunrise

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New on 500px : I had a Dream by lolloriva by lolloriva

One another shot from my first northern lights experience that I will hardly forget and I still dream about

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New on 500px : Icelandic Paradise by lolloriva by lolloriva

This picture represents to me the perfect end of the perfect day, a breathtaking sunset in Jökulsárlón after a wonderful day of shooting

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