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New on 500px : Lonely Teddy by rifkysetya by rifkysetya

This amazing white sand desert is located about 3 miles from Derawan shore, completely remote and is only available during low tide.
They called it Gusung Island and we (me & my Teddy) were the only one who was there during that time.


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New on 500px : Gili Air by worldtowalk by worldtowalk

Long exposure of an amazing sunset in Gili Air. No photoshop in this one, the sky colors were as awesome as you can see in the picture. Taken from the northeast part of the island. On the background you can see Mount Agung in Bali.

After relaxing in Kuta Lombok, we directed to Gili Air for some snorkelling and some sandy beaches. Although everything was so beautiful in the island, nothing was comparable with this awesome sunset that we were lucky to admire during our first day in the island.

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New on 500px : Traditional Boat by aryasatriawan by aryasatriawan

This is Traditional Boat at Bali
Location : Karang Beach, Sanur, Bali

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New on 500px : Bromo by spyarm by spyarm

The most beautiful active volcano in Indonesia

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New on 500px : Kuta Lombok by worldtowalk by worldtowalk

A long exposure with a ND filter during sunset in Kuta (Lombok), Indonesia.

Our first destination in Indonesia. We chose Kuta Lombok because is a quiet beach with no tourists, no party and, of course, not much noise. After many hours flying is what you are waiting for!

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