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New on 500px : It’s in the Details by JeanDayPhotography by JeanDayPhotography

Because I love a more intimate look at waterfalls.

Thanks for looking!

© Jean Day
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New on 500px : Asylum by tulatop by tulatop

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Ramona Falls · Mt. Hood National Forest · Rhododendron · Oregon · USA

I’m not certain this is the most original take on Ramona Falls, but I really wanted to make an image that captured the sheer grandeur and mystique of the 120-foot-tall tessellated cascade and believed a slightly underexposed monochrome approach was the way to go. If this doesn’t quite do it for you, then all I can suggest is for you to lay eyes upon it yourself someday. 😉

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New on 500px : Softly by tulatop by tulatop

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Ramona Falls · Mt. Hood National Forest · Rhododendron · Oregon · USA

The blocky columnar basalt walls of 120-foot-tall Ramona Falls make for a dazzling stage for the dance of light and shadow that occurs when clear skies prevail over the surrounding forest cathedral. Despite the anticipated crowds reveling at various volume levels in her dazzling presence, Ramona Falls also manages to bring the soul into a harmonic resonance like few other places can. To better portray this, I used a 5-second exposure here to silken the water and soften the contrast from the sun’s intense spotlighting.

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New on 500px : Serendipity by tulatop by tulatop

Prints for sale at http://ift.tt/1eSTqTx “Better on black!” Cedar Creek · Columbia River Gorge · North Bonneville · Washington · USA A little-traveled path nestled between Aldrich Butte and Cedar Mountain winds its way through a Douglas-fir forest before crossing over Cedar Creek and snaking through a stand of monstrous black cottonwoods. In the thick of spring, this trail is as lush and verdant as it gets, but on this late-March day the buds and sprouts were just barely rousing from their winter torpor–though a few modest flourishes of lavender oaks toothwort and yellow deep woods violet brought some refreshing color to the journey. Sparse foliage and harsh sunlight made photographing the creek’s namesake falls an unworthy pursuit, so I spent some time downstream studying the picturesque outflow and waited for some high clouds to diffuse the sunlight before pulling the trigger on this charming little stretch of meander.
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