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New on 500px : Clouds over Sligachan by BaronvonEisenstadt by BaronvonEisenstadt

A very windy day near Sligachan. I could hardly catch a picture, because my tripod was shaking, due to the heavy wind.

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New on 500px : Fairy Pools by everlookphotography by everlookphotography

Fairy Pools

The Glen Brittle area in Southern Skye is one of the locations (of many) that I have pencilled down for many a return trip in the future once I can afford the time , travel cost, and independent enough kids to share the experience with. This is one of the easier hikes in the area which just happened to start glowing while the gear was stowed away. As soon as the tripod was in the right position, true gloom set in for the evening and the distant passing light had passed for good. Scotland was memorable for its passing light in our trip there in 2010.

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New on 500px : Scotland Sunrise by dswindler by dswindler

I visited Scotland’s famed Isle of Skye in June. This meant that the sun came up very early and went down very late. Thus, it was hard to get any sleep on days with good weather! To get this image, I camped out at the trailhead and started hiking at 3AM. By 4AM, the sky started to fill with color and it was perhaps the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen! There is absolutely no color enhancement in this image. Since the sun rose from the northeast, I had to go back behind the typical viewpoint to get this silhoutte of one of the rocks near the Old Man of Storr.

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New on 500px : The Quiraing by ScottDonschikowski by ScottDonschikowski

The weather in Scotland was pretty unpredictable, nowhere was this more evident than on the Isle of Skye. We had driven up to this place not 45 minutes before this was shot, to find howling winds and sheets of rain. The rain and wind returned shortly after we were graced with this light.

PLEASE – view on black.

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