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New on 500px : Superman Returns by JayDaley by JayDaley

http://ift.tt/1j9IPX1 In a paddock outside Breeza this incredible American style barn is all that remains from the 2006 Hollywood Blockbuster – Superman Returns. On Thursday night, as I was settling in for a comfy and ‘relaxed’ long weekend I received a text from my good friend Tim Poulton proposing a mad dash the next morning out to country NSW to camp and photograph this amazing location. The next morning we met up with Timbo Don and Ben Coope and set sail for a night of mayhem. 5 half hours later and we were standing in a field, seemingly in the middle of no-where. Surrounded by wheat stubble was the incredible ‘superman barn’. With an outlook over into nothingness, it’s clear that the produces were looking for exactly the same landscape as the original 1978 hit.
via 500px http://ift.tt/1k5Ev7J
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