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New on 500px : The Way Out… by JeremyCram by JeremyCram

So here’s a cool shot from my trip to the redwoods. These woods are kinda spooky when you are the only one around and the fog is thick. It creates a really dark atmosphere in there, but when the fog starts to burn off or move it really becomes magical. I can’t believe I actually took the time to shoot a selfie. Normally, I am all business when the lights shows start to happen, but I have recently been making a conscience effort to have more fun and do some different stuff like this during the show. I should add that Paul Bowman helped me with some shutter pulls after a few attempts of me not getting it with in the timer. Thanks for looking and sharing! Looks better on black.

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New on 500px : Beer and a Sammy… by JeremyCram by JeremyCram

My buddy Paul Bowman and I just got back from a great trip to the redwoods and Samuel Boardman. It was a pretty intense trip, with lots of running around chasing conditions, but a blast none the less. Title should be pretty much self explanatory. Thanks for looking and sharing!

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New on 500px : Flow… by JeremyCram by JeremyCram

Perfect Saturday morning all by myself in the gorge, couldn’t of asked for a better way to spend the morning. Thanks for looking and sharing!

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New on 500px : The One Tree… by JeremyCram by JeremyCram

From a beautifully calm and peaceful morning this spring in the Columbia River Gorge. Thanks for looking!
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