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New on 500px : Visingsö Jetty by FGraas by FGraas

Another weekend spent with beautiful sunsets at Visingsö

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New on 500px : Perfect Start by gjim9beam by gjim9beam

Beautiful sunrise unfolds over the Potomac River on a very calm morning>

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New on 500px : dramatic sky | Adolfo Lopez Mateos, Baja California Sur by flipstar by flipstar

if you love that picture and interested in travel and landscape photography you should follow my work because i am on a one-year journey right now.

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New on 500px : Care to sit? by everlookphotography by everlookphotography

Second Valley
South Australia

A messy evening, messy sodden images but the only thing I’m happy with this image is that it shows things were pretty wild! I had this idea in my head that in my waterproofs and with the camera and remote wrapped , I could fire shots and blend them later. Several buffets of wind while sitting and several dumps of waves later, I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to keep the whole setup still to have the images lined up. And then that faint light disappeared and so did I – to get all nice and warm back in our accommodation in Normanville!

( I half thought about getting myself into the frame to do the mickey mouse fantasia tribute but decided against losing my gear 😛 )

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New on 500px : Walking on the Beach by DanielAw by DanielAw

My photography page : http://ift.tt/1pkj0Ix. This was shot at White Sands Island, Bintan Indonesia. Uninhabited island with white sand and clear water.

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New on 500px : Pureness by diyben by diyben

This photo was taken during a recent family short getaway to Turi Beach Resort Batam of Indonesia. Just a 35mins ferry from Singapore. Its a beautiful and relaxing place with good sun but unfortunately many mosquito attacks too :))

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New on 500px : Golden Light by All4Nature by All4Nature

Hello Friends,
I am back with another sunset shot from the last posted shoot. This was shot earlier(20 min or so) before the fisherman shot. I loved how the golden light lit up the wild grass and the soft sand looked absolutely golden. My favourite jetty can be seen as well.
Single shot, no filters.
Enjoy the Golden Light.

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