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New on 500px : Rejuvenation by JoshKullaPhotography by JoshKullaPhotography

Mount St. Helens shows off fields of Indian paintbrush and penstemon during the 2014 June wildflower season. The flowers are a fantastic symbol for the vibrant renewal of life that can be found among the still-charred remains of the mountain’s massive 1980 eruption.

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New on 500px : School’s Out Forever by JoshKullaPhotography by JoshKullaPhotography

I keep checking over my shoulder for oncoming clouds when I go out to try and shoot the night skies during the spring. But we finally seem to be getting to that part of the year that draws people to Oregon like bees to pollen. I recently was able to revisit one of my favorite old schoolhouses in central Oregon and was rewarded with a vivid view of the Milky Way at its very best.

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New on 500px : Earth Day Light by JoshKullaPhotography by JoshKullaPhotography

– Earth Day Light – My favorite subject for landscape photography is definitely the night sky. But when I visit the Oregon coast I always take the time to seek out a sunset, if possible. It’s been a number of months since I attempted shots like this, so I’m a bit rusty. But the light on this recent evening broke a couple of hours before sunset and beckoned me to travel to Seal Rock State Park, where I spent quite a bit of time reveling in an empty beach. I probably should have climbed up Seal Rock itself to shoot, but that’s one of those 20/20 hindsight things. Enjoy your morning and have a happy Earth Day!
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