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New on 500px : Approaching Paradise: Na Pali Coast by kamphoto27 by kamphoto27

Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii. Taken from an open door helicopter. The clouds began to break as we were headed back inland.

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New on 500px : Sun Setting on a Dream by brianhiltz by brianhiltz

This was the final sunset of what seemed like a dream, that is, living on Kauai for five months. It was only after returning home to Texas, that I finally awoke from the dream. It was the sea that spoke to me in this dream, and I quietly listened to what she had to say. It was if I was drifting between dream and reality, never quite sure what was real. And now I wonder, without these images, would I believe I was there, could I prove to myself that this paradise existed…

For those who are curious, this location is near Queen’s Bath on the north shore of Kauai.

Thanks for looking!

© Brian Hiltz

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New on 500px : Find Me at Lumahai by brianhiltz by brianhiltz

One of my favorite places in Kauai is Lumahai Beach, also called Kahalahala on this side of the beach. This area is so dynamic, that in the five months I spent on the island, the landscape looked completely different every time I went there. The ocean moves so much sand, that rocks ten feet tall that might have been visible one day, are gone the following month.

This particular shot requires high surf to send the waves rolling over the lava shelf, and when a big one comes it’s quite the adrenaline rush.

I made this image using a Canon 5D Mark II and 17-40, utilizing a 3-stop GND to help balance out the sky, and a 4-stop ND to slow the exposure down for the water movement.

Thanks for looking!

© Brian Hiltz

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New on 500px : Stormy Na Pali by silentgphotography by silentgphotography

Another shot of Na Pali Coast taken from ol’ Captain Andy’s romantic, sunset dinner cruise.

I have to say, folks on board were NOT ready for this type of weather, but when it cleared up we were in sunset, rainbow paradise.

I have so many frames of this section of Na Pali from the Pacific, so thought I’d go with some of my favorite workflow using VSCO filters.

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New on 500px : Sunset and Barrels by brianhiltz by brianhiltz

Watching the beautiful sunsets and waves barreling in from the north shore of Kauai never got old. This particular spot was north of Ke’e Beach in Ha’ena State Park.

© Brian Hiltz

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New on 500px : Fantails by sungallery by sungallery

Napali Coast | Kauai
The northern shores of the Hawaiian Islands are among the most epic places on earth to witness the power of the mighty Pacific Ocean. As the tide rolls in, water dances in all imaginable shapes as waves crash into each other before making landfall. Outbound waves occasionally collide with inbound waves, creating towering formations which resemble elegant Japanese fans. Falling light and ocean mist combine to make this one of the more unforgettable scenes I have ever witnessed…


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