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New on 500px : Shining Through by Kyraly by Kyraly

Went back for a second night to Kirkjufell (see the black and white shot from yesterday with less than ideal light 🙂 ). Got lucky to get this shot. Strong rain all day (and has been raining and overcast fairly consistently for four days) but on the way to the site there was a hole in the clouds out to sea. Got there and for the second day was there alone. The light was fantastic for about 20 minutes. Five minutes after the light disappeared behind the clouds 10 people showed up.

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New on 500px : Magical Kirkjufell, Iceland by genphotos by genphotos

One of the most amazing and picturesque place I’ve ever been.
And got amazing luck having an awesome sunrise when was taking pictures there.

Check out my ongoing Magical Iceland collection at my homepage: http://www.genvagula.com

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New on 500px : Kirkjufell by Kyraly by Kyraly

A few drizzly, overcast days in a row in Iceland. This was my first time to Kirkjufell and had the place to myself since there wasn’t much chance of sunset light. The water flow was a lot higher than I’ve seen in most shots so I chose to shoot the lower falls that had more definition. Thanks for looking.

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New on 500px : A new day by myst1cal by myst1cal

Iceland’s iconic Kirkjufell … It’s always a pleasure for me to be around this gorgeous mountain.

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New on 500px : Reflection in Kirkjufell by chenxistanley by chenxistanley

I won’t forget the day like this. Perfect ending to my round-Europe travel alone.

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