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New on 500px : Splash! by rahul_khandelwal by rahul_khandelwal

Got the star burst and the water splash. would have liked it to be cleaner.

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New on 500px : Poseidon by Shainblum by Shainblum

Best On Black!

Here is a new photo from the La Jolla Coves, one of my all time favorite seascape locations. I was about knee deep in water when this was taken and a few waves came in and almost took my camera out. By the end of the shot I was waist deep in water, my camera is fine and the experience was amazing.

Thanks guys for taking a look at the photo

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New on 500px : Solitude by Shainblum by Shainblum

Always best on black

Here is a new shot from the La Jolla Coves, one of my absolute favorite places to catch sunset and shoot seascapes. This was a tough lighting situation with the sun being so bright. I wanted this shot to have a very dark and mysterious mood. I hope you all enjoy the photograph!

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New on 500px : The Crack by Brandontylerlyons by Brandontylerlyons

The sky wasn’t doing much of anything until the sun dipped down past the horizon. I was about to leave when I saw the sky starting to light up. I was pleasantly surprised by the light that was going off. I had never even noticed this composition before, but since the tide was so high the crack was filling with rushing water. I was pretty excited to see a new composition from this area. If anyone is familiar with La Jolla, then you know there aren’t too many unique compositions left to shoot. I was about 3 feet from the first house that sits on the rocks. I had never seen the tide so high in this area before. I had almost left without shooting, since the conditions weren’t exactly ideal. I’m glad I stuck around for this one.

You really must view this one on black to appreciate the shadow detail. Thanks for comments.

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New on 500px : a winter moment (hospitals reef, la jolla) by maxvuong by maxvuong

I realized I never posted this here…

Incredible display of light which lasted for about fifteen minutes in late December 2012. It’s hard to process pictures like this to find the right balance of realism when reality is unreal.

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New on 500px : Pots of Gold by Brandontylerlyons by Brandontylerlyons

I was going to save this image for my website that I am making, but I think sitting on my hard drive for over a year was long enough. As the temperature begins to rise in AZ, I am reminded of how much I miss living in San Diego. Despite the summers being mostly lackluster for seascapes, I miss the cool ocean breeze. I took this image last March as the marine layer was shitting on my sunset. After all the years of living in San Diego, I never once got a good sunset with this composition. I considered throwing all the images out from this night, because the marine layer, but I was pleasantly surprised once I opened them up on my computer. I hope you all enjoy it.

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New on 500px : Sunset Bath by javierbravo by javierbravo

Capture taken in San Diego, USA. I really enjoy how the reflection of the sunset bathes the passionate sea in this beautiful location.

I used a ND filter to capture a good balance of light and water movement.


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New on 500px : Fading Light by dthompson by dthompson

Sunset light fades across badlands in La Jolla, California.

If you get some time, go check out my New Releases gallery at:


Peace and Love

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New on 500px : Scripps-Pier by Toms_PhotoCafe by Toms_PhotoCafe

Scripps-Pier-Henge – Twice a year, in May and August, the setting sun lines up directly with Scripps Pier in La Jolla. Tonight was one of those nights and I was lucky to be part of it.
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