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New on 500px : Ontarian Sun by ADWheeler by ADWheeler

3:40am, gotta be up at 6am…what am I doing? Editing and posting a shot from my stop at Hamlin Beach on Ontario lake tonight. Insomnia? Nerves? Nope…FIRES, or at least fire alarms. Fire alarm here at the hotel went off at 2:30am sent us all out to the parking lot for 40mins. Nice community building exercise, but did nothing for my sleep cycle. At least you get a photo out of it. 🙂

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New on 500px : NY Sunset by Joseph_T_Meirose_IV by Joseph_T_Meirose_IV

An iPhone capture as the family and I returned from a day of kayaking yesterday. We got back just before dark and the bugs came out. This is my 9 yr old daughter, Lauren, trying to do SUP on her kayak in front of the boat ramp. Didn’t go so well. haha

Near Southwick Beach State Park in upstate NY. I held my polarized sunglasses up to my iPhone when I made this shot. hehe

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New on 500px : I Live In A Beautiful City Toronto by Alan-Y-Wu by Alan-Y-Wu

We are young and free, that’s why we explore, create, and take photographs without worrying about when the last ferry leaves the dock. There are moments in life that you can’t help but think “Thank god I’m still alive to see a day like this”, I think today marked one of these for me. I LOVE TORONTO.
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