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New on 500px : Wandering Stars by scottsmorra by scottsmorra

The Milky Way and millions of other stars above Mt Jefferson, Mt Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon.

This is an image from an early season backpacking trip to Jefferson Park several weeks ago with my buddy Jordan Ek. It was a completely moonless night and the stars were absolutely amazing. There was no light pollution at this location, which is an added bonus for central/western Oregon.

Thanks for taking a look and for any comments you have. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to share their thoughts on the image.

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New on 500px : L O N E S O M E . . . by abalone13 by abalone13

The mighty lone willow tree of Lake Wanaka. One of my favorite places during our trip down under. This place is just a normal lake, a normal walkway with people jogging, and some walking their dogs in the morning. It is just this willow tree that attracts photographers and hobbyists everywhere to capture the sunrise with the majestic mountains behind. It is an ethereal scene that makes it one of the most photographed tree in the world.

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New on 500px : Visingsö Jetty by FGraas by FGraas

Another weekend spent with beautiful sunsets at Visingsö

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New on 500px : little berth by vy-vy by vy-vy

Little berth also known as “weed berth” for small fishing boats. It is not really a terminal, just the place where fishermen anchor their boats after hard nights on the lake for making their living… The living still continues day after day…

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New on 500px : Days End by Pcoskun by Pcoskun

Here is another image from Watson Lake that I photographed a few days ago. At this point, the storm had moved too far to the north to provide much of a spectacular cloud display, but it did create these wonderful rays that emanated from the cloud structure as the moon rose.

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