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New on 500px : BALI by FranciscoSanz by FranciscoSanz

Atardecer en Tanah lot. Fue difícil conseguir esta fotografía.Había mucha gente visitando el templo.Tuvimos que esperar a que atardeciera y prácticamente no se viera nada desde la localización,para conseguir que no saliera nadie.Detrás teníamos los acantilados y por delante,venía acechando la pleamar.Al final,muy satisfechos.

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New on 500px : Sahdows Of The Night by parisa049 by parisa049

i can’t do anything about the length of my life but I can do something about it’s width and depth.

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New on 500px : Lithuanian Twillight by xris74 by xris74

Shot in Lithuania, close the my better half’s home village from a watchtower (fun getting up) and a bit before sunset.
As usually lately, shot with the Fuji XT1 and the 10-24mm lens.
Hope you like and please feel free to feedback.

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New on 500px : Last Light on Clouds Rest by Darvin by Darvin

The last bit of light lands atop Clouds Rest in the distance with Half Dome still illuminated by the sunlight reflecting off the clouds above. Distant peaks on the horizon glow in the last bit of sunlight complementing the colors of the deep blue green forest. It’s hard to convey the wonder of this sight. Half Dome is massive and rises vertically above the canyon below. This view is taken from the cliffs of Glacier Point looking eastward. Just to the left off camera a 3000 foot straight drop to Yosemite Valley below. I have to say resting against a rock down in the trees gives a bit more feeling of security than does standing on the cliffs and offers some foreground that nicely frames the stunning High Sierra Nevada in the distance.

© Darvin Atkeson

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