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New on 500px : Gold in Hawaii? by tomkualii by tomkualii

Low Tide at Pohoiki Beach. Sunrise reflection on tide pools of gold seaweed. Aloha

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New on 500px : The Red Channel by bruceomori by bruceomori

A channelized ‘a‘a flow rages downslope above the Royal Gardens subdivision in Kalapana. In one of our craziest adventures ever, Tom Kuali‘i and I almost didn’t make it out alive. Glad to still be here. lol.

Little portions of the image are soft due to the extreme amount of thermal distortion generated by the lava surrounding me.

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New on 500px : Fire! by titopaez by titopaez

This colorful sunset caught us while working on the hillsides of the Tromen Volcano (Argentinean Patagonia), and is definitely one of the more saturated sunsets I’ve ever witnessed!. This incredible Patagonian volcano is found close to the Buta Ranquil Town (Neuquén Province), and has a extensive lava field developed during two distinct volcanic eruptions occurred during historical times, the oldest one happening between 1400 AD and 1752 AD, and the youngest one occurring during the 1820s.

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New on 500px : Camping during the eruption by marcocalandra89 by marcocalandra89

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Etna had an another one of its paroxysms. In this event me and my cousin reached the Valle del Bove, a great point to see the eruption of the Southeast Crater.
Initially, we had to seek shelter among the rocks because the wind was too strong, but it doesn’t worked; In fact, after we pitched the tent to get a greater repair but most especially to change the optics in peace.
For this photography I made an exposure for the sky and another for the ground, then I merged them toghether using Photoshop, finally I made some adjusting of contrast, light and shadow.

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New on 500px : Fire in the Sky by bruceomori by bruceomori

Two branches of lava enter the sea at Kalapana as clouds reflect the sun’s early morning glow. Viewing this on black helps as the image is a little dark. Mahalo!

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New on 500px : Getting Closer to Pele, The Fire Goddess. by tomkualii by tomkualii

We would be hiking out from shooting the lava fields about this time back in the days. Pele, The Fire Goddess is still at calm. Getting this close can send your heart pumping hard and especially when you don’t know whats going on beneath you. The heat is so intense that I could only take one or two shots after composing. Forgot my ND and so needed to up my aperture. Shooting with my 17-40. Aloha

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