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New on 500px : The Crack by Brandontylerlyons by Brandontylerlyons

The sky wasn’t doing much of anything until the sun dipped down past the horizon. I was about to leave when I saw the sky starting to light up. I was pleasantly surprised by the light that was going off. I had never even noticed this composition before, but since the tide was so high the crack was filling with rushing water. I was pretty excited to see a new composition from this area. If anyone is familiar with La Jolla, then you know there aren’t too many unique compositions left to shoot. I was about 3 feet from the first house that sits on the rocks. I had never seen the tide so high in this area before. I had almost left without shooting, since the conditions weren’t exactly ideal. I’m glad I stuck around for this one.

You really must view this one on black to appreciate the shadow detail. Thanks for comments.

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New on 500px : Port Fairy Lighthouse by BruceHood by BruceHood

Pic of the Port Fairy Lighthouse. This image is a 2 frame panoramic. Thanks for viewing. Cheers.

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