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New on 500px : The Sky of Li River by yanzhang by yanzhang

This image was made about 10 minutes later than my earlier “Li River Sunrise” image posted here, and it was a one single shot. As you can see, the light had changed significantly, as such, this image illustrates a much more dynamic sky than the previous one.

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New on 500px : A View To Die For by peterstewartphotography by peterstewartphotography

View of the Li River from the top of Lao Zhai Shan, one of the highest peaks in Yangshuo that you can climb.

Peter Stewart | Photography
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New on 500px : The Journey Always Ends. by darrenjbennett by darrenjbennett

Li River River Boat Cruise, end of day and the bamboo rafts are packed away, a cruise to last a lifetime with the beautiful mountainous backdrop.

Darren J.

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New on 500px : Golden Li River by yanzhang by yanzhang

On the day I arrived in Xing Ping (兴坪), the local said to me that it had been raining all the time for a week but just stopped on that day. Then I knew I probably would be lucky to witness some beautiful sunrise and sunset moments during this trip. Indeed, on the third day, I encountered a spectacular sunrise over the beautiful Li River.
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New on 500px : HEADING HOME – XING PING by farflung2002 by farflung2002

A rice farmer heading home in the late afternoon – Li River Valley, China.
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