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New on 500px : Lubbock Lightning by sfshort by sfshort

Here’s a shot of some lightning from a thunderstorm that rolled through the area tonight. The lightning was perfect! Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

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New on 500px : Shanghai at Night by AnakinYang by AnakinYang

The Bund is probably the most visited tourism place in Shanghai, and in my opinion, especially great at night for photography. The city lights, the people, and the Huang Pu River just make up a fantastic night landscape. During my stay in Shanghai earlier in 2013, I went to photograph the Bund so many times at night but never got tired of it. I took this particular one from a pedestrian overpass on the main highway next to the bund, which gave the unique look to it, but the city lights still look amazing with the new town area on the right side of the image across the river. This is the kind of scene you can only see in Asian cities, but not anywhere here in the States because we don’t have that high of population density I guess. pwned

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New on 500px : A River Runs through It by AnakinYang by AnakinYang

Shanghai is probably one of the most beautiful night cities in the world (provided when there is no air pollution, LOL). Because most of the town has the “old + new” building structures tightly packed together everywhere. It’s no exception here, Here there is the old part of the town, with the old styled houses, and the 8 lane freeway running right across the middle of the city. A city that is much alive near midnight.
via 500px http://ift.tt/1fnizUd
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