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New on 500px : Stars v2 by AntonioJafonso by AntonioJafonso

Second version of the same image. Now corrected on lightroom 5

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New on 500px : “No”Trespassing” by anthonyjayfields by anthonyjayfields

Got Up Early On This Day Just Walking Down This 5 Mile Path In Tampa FL And Took A Quick Photo Of the Sun Coming Up Over The Horizon, Even Tho Their Is A Sign Right In Front Of Me Clearly Saying No Trespassing… Oops I Guess I Might Of Been Trespassing But The Police Seen Me Their And Didn’t Say Anything To Me, lol Maybe It’s An Really Old Sign…. I Had A Lot Of Fun In Tampa The Beaches The weather, And The Mosquito’s…. Man I Can’t Stand Them…. Mosquito’s You Are Not My Friend lol Hope Yall Like This One And Thanks 4 UR V/F and Comments

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New on 500px : “Rocks in the mirror” by guaguo69 by guaguo69

Caminare tranquilo x el mar y esperare hasta que tu sonrisa refleje las nubes por donde camino,así diré que me llevaste hasta las nubes.

LE de un atardecer en el Playon de Bayas (Asturias,SPAIN)

Gracias x vuestros comentarios y likes.

It will travel calmly x the sea and will wait until your smile reflects the clouds where I walk, this way I will say that you took me up to the clouds. LE of a late afternoon in the Playon of Berries (Asturias, SPAIN) Thank you x your comments and likes.

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