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New on 500px : Doud Creek Beach by ajamess by ajamess

This was from my last full day shooting on my trip around California.

Based on a tip from a friend I made in Yellowstone, I headed over to Point Lobos from Death Valley. While there, I visited spots up and down the coast, meeting a great photographer along the way (Ryan Engstrom).

This particular photo was taken as the sun was setting on the beach that was made famous a few years ago for the calla lilly-laden creek which runs into it. Ryan and I had no luck getting a shot of the calla lillies, due to the onslaught of other photographers present, but the beach was definitely a nice treat.

I climbed on top of this rock as the waves crashed around me and waited until what seemed like the right moment.

via 500px http://ift.tt/1jZDTpG

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