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New on 500px : Frozen Fjord by Arild_Heitmann by Arild_Heitmann

“Sorry for reuploading this one. My mistake…i uploaded a really old one first. sorry folks!”

March 2010

I just love walking around on a frozen fjord…looking for interesting shapes and patterns.

If you want to explore Arctic Norway and at the same time have a freakin awesome time…check out LofotenTours

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New on 500px : On Thin Ice by Arild_Heitmann by Arild_Heitmann

I nearly ruined my gear, my health, my teeth and my cojones to get this shot. So you better like it!

Besides, i have some big news….
I have teamed up with some pretty amazing guys for a small series of workshops. Some will take place in late 2015 and wont be announced just yet, but today i am proud to announce 2 rather epic workshops with two photographers that i have respected for many years…

In february 2015 i will be joined by Kah Kit Yoong at Magic Hour Travelscapes  for a 10 day adventure.

Then in march 2015 the dude of all dudes Ryan Dyar joins me for another epic 10 days.

Both tours covers some of the most amazing areas in Norway… Mountains, beaches, beaches with mountains, Aurora Borealis, long arctic sunrises and sunsets. It’s going to be a busy tour photographing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

Check out LofotenTours for the complete schedule with all the info you might need.

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New on 500px : Where Winds Reign by Arild_Heitmann by Arild_Heitmann

Kråkenes Lighthouse (Norwegian: Kråkenes fyr) is a coastal lighthouse in Vågsøy Municipality in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. It is located on a rocky, knife-like promontory jutting out of the northwestern tip of the island of Vågsøy.

It is one of the most stormbeaten buildings in Norway. Even though it sits 42,5 metres above the sea, waves crash over it during the worst storms.

When i visited everything was calm…

Workshops: LofotenTours

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New on 500px : Moody Midnight by Arild_Heitmann by Arild_Heitmann

I shot this roughly a year ago. The skies were incredibly dramatic and none of my shots from this night made the slightest justice to them. The midnightsun contributed to the atmosphere…

The fjord was dead calm, thats quite rare.

All in all i had dumped this one, but what the hell…i`ll throw it out here..

If you want to explore Northern Norway and the legendary Lofoten Archipelagos in particular, please check out Lofotentours

14.09.2014 – 22.09.2014 – Ultimate Lofoten Experience (only a few spots left)
01.02.2015 – 08.02.2015 – Stetind & Lofoten Adventure

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New on 500px : Last Light by Arild_Heitmann by Arild_Heitmann

View on black…

The highest peak in the region illuminated by the last rays of the setting sun.

If you want the chance to experience and explore the Arctic, Northern Norway and the Lofoten Islands in particular, please check out Lofotentours

for phototours/workshops + additional information, itineraries and more pictures. Tourguides are Stian Klo and yours truly.

The dates are as follows:

27.07.2014 – 31.07.2014 – Mountain Fellowship Tour
14.09.2014 – 22.09.2014 – Ultimate Lofoten Experience
01.02.2015 – 08.02.2015 – Stetind & Lofoten Adventure

We have just created a Facebook Page for our tourcompany – would appreciate it if you’d stop by -> facebookpage

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New on 500px : Framed by Arild_Heitmann by Arild_Heitmann

This is one i captured about a month ago. I was basically just standing in the river waiting for the light to get its shit together and shine for me, but no…it wouldnt cooperate. But suddenly i saw some clouds come drifting over my head and i waited until it entered my frame.

I wanted the clouds to appear as a natural frame around the mountain. Turned out pretty ok i think. Although the best shots came an hour later when things really took off…

If you want to experience the Arctic and shoot all the awesomeness we have to offer; Lofoten, Senja, Lyngen etc….

check out http://www.lofotentours.com Tourguides are yours truly & Stian Klo

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