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New on 500px : “DUALITY” Lower Antelope Canyon, Page – Arizona by CARPE-LUCEM by CARPE-LUCEM

“DUALITY” reprocessed

The entrance fee gives you a scant 1 hour to tour Antelope Canyon, a guide herds your group through cramped, convoluted and dark crevices making sure you make it out in an hour. You can’t really blame the Navajos who manage this place since busloads of tourists visit each day, making it resemble a tiny Disneyland in the middle of the desert. The key is to bring a tripod and camera to double your time allotment to 2 hours, but even that is not enough to fully document the beauty of this place and I was literally counting the minutes.

These light rays are visible only for few minutes each day, so seeing and capturing them was an unexpected bonus.

( Lower Antelope Canyon- Page, Arizona)

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New on 500px : Falls of Fantasy by DerekKind by DerekKind

Once again from my favourite dramatic waterfall, Lower Lewis River Falls, Washington, in Gifford Pinchot State Park. 🙂

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New on 500px : Fall Into the Sky by AlexMironyuk by AlexMironyuk

This picture was taken at Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona I used 5 separate shots and a 32-bit HDR technique in order to get this result.
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