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New on 500px : Beautiful Light by Sean_Bagshaw by Sean_Bagshaw

Another of the lupine photos I took in May in the coast range of Northern California. Everything lined up for me to compose this image and then wait for the sun to move into the opening between the oak tree branches and create the sun star. Facing into the sun also provided the wonderful back lighting on the flowers and the deep shadow of the tree trunk coming into the foreground. The thin overcast sky filtered the light. A few different frames were blended for dynamic range and also motion blur in the flowers due to a slight breeze. An aperture of f/22 and the particular lens (Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II) make the sunstar possible. Tony Kuyper’s Luminosity Masks and other actions were essential for developing this image, as they are for most of my images.

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500px Editors’ Choice : Forever Strong by maxrivefotograaf

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Church of Vik.

1 long exposure for the sky
1 short exposure for the foreground

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New on 500px : Light from the Sky by Bsam by Bsam

A stormy sunset with wild lupine flowers. This image recalls my memory of the fresh, cold breeze from the distance mountain. On the other side of the mountain is the great pacific ocean. Such moments like this only last briefly.

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New on 500px : Purple Persuasion by MajeedBadizadegan by MajeedBadizadegan

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View on black to see the shadow detail properly!

I was privy to this jaw-dropping display of light in Eastern Washington. I found this beautiful, lush patch of lupine. Pictured in the distance to the left are the rolling hills of the Palouse.

The day leading up to this was overcast and warm. There was a chance for thunderstorms, but they never developed There was a small crack under the horizon and all the dull gray. So there was hope. And sure enough, nature put on a beautiful show.

This scene was extremely difficult to photograph and process. The lupine were being thrashed around in nearly 25mph winds. To get as much in focus as I could, I focus stacked and used the sharper images. This was surely one of the more challenging focus blends I’ve done.

Thanks for looking.

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New on 500px : Copper Top by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

10,497-foot Mount Jefferson bathes in golden sunset light, above shaded wildflower meadows. Thanks for the title, J-Swan!

I have a ton of new half-finished flower, forest, and coastal images sitting around from the past couple months; yet I find myself longing for my favorite subject: mountains. Thus, here’s an image from last year that I inexplicably overlooked.

While I’ve got your attention: perhaps you’re interested in joining Alex Mody and myself for an awesome four-day workshop at Olympic National Park this September? We will photograph rugged seascapes, autumn in the rainforest, waterfalls, and if weather permits, autumn alpine scenes up on Hurricane Ridge. You can find more information HERE.

As you may already know, I also teach my post-processing workflow and techniques in private online sessions. If you like the way my images look, and would like to up your PP game, you can find more info HERE.

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New on 500px : Now Comes Spring by Sean_Bagshaw by Sean_Bagshaw

In May I visited a stunning lupine meadow in the coast range of northern California with David M. Cobb. Shooting right into the setting sun provided just the right kind of back lighting for the flowers to appear lit by an internal power source. I was extremely fortunate to have perfect light and perfect timing for the bloom, which is only at its peak for about a week. I spent an evening and a morning here. It was a wonderful experience. I hope you enjoy the image. View on black!

This was a very challenging image to develop. Seven different exposures were blended for dynamic range and depth of field. I then made heavy use of Tony Kuyper’s new actions panel to gradually build in adjustments using just about every luminosity masking technique I know. The new Zone Masks section was particularly helpful. More information can be found here.

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New on 500px : Color of Spring by Kanonsky by Kanonsky

Color of spring, Columbia River George, Oregon.
It was just before sunrise in Rowena Crest Viewpoint, OR during wildflowers season last month. The hill was covered with colorful balsamroot and lupine bushes. I am glad that I was there that morning enjoying fantastic sunrise scene.

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New on 500px : Columbia Hills Sunset by AndrewKumler by AndrewKumler

Sunset in the hills of Southern Washington State during the Spring wild flower blooms.

Dalles Mountain Ranch, Washington.

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New on 500px : Purple Sea by jhmiao by jhmiao

It was a tough hike before hitting this field of purple lupines in Big Sur, California.

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