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New on 500px : Iceland Church by neil_podoll by neil_podoll

A small church outside the town of Vik in Iceland

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New on 500px : Vik Church by Kyraly by Kyraly

Came to Iceland to shoot with Iurie Belegurschi. First day was overcast and dull.

This shot was a challenge as it was constantly windy, making the lupines move.

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New on 500px : Lupines by tobias_knoch by tobias_knoch

Lupines, Stokksness mountain in the background. Iceland 2014

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New on 500px : Lupine Sunrise by CoryMarshall by CoryMarshall

Sunrise on West Shore of Lake Tahoe over a patch of blooming lupines.

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New on 500px : Breaking Bounderies by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng

I am not a fan of blending nor combining two images in one as I have been taught to get it right from the click of the shutter. But I always wanted to shoot a startrail plus a properly balanced exposure and color of the foreground, without the intense blue casts, dark areas and light painted structures.

I came across an amazing online tutorial that teaches the art of digital blending. So as an experiment, I dug through my old lake tekapo shots from my first visit. Spring time lupines!!

Trying out my skills in photoshop, two images, one was taken after the sun has set from the horizon for my foreground and blended it with a 70 image star stacked sky taken 3 hours after… Cheers!!

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