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New on 500px : Cloud Forest by jameypyles by jameypyles

Cloud Forest

This is recent work from a few weeks ago in Northern California. The redwood forest put me into a completely awestruck state of being. I was there with my fiancé in the fog for several hours, but it seemed like eternity, or no time at all. We walked the trail slowly, in a trance admiring how the trees climbed into the cloud and how the cloud hung on the mountain. The atmosphere breathed in and out in intangible, giant waves and there was stillness. We are small in comparison to the forces that define life..

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New on 500px : Good Night! by TimMcAndrew by TimMcAndrew

Another shot from this week. Loved the sun low over the field

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New on 500px : Mystic Isles by StefanHefele by StefanHefele

Crazy landscape at Point of Arches in northwest USA. It was an unusual sunny day in the most humid area of the States. Unbelievable, but half the day I met only six people at this more as dreamlike place. In the evening I had the scene alone for me. Even better :-).

Prints and licensing available.

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