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New on 500px : KFF upper falls by TonyPrower by TonyPrower

A very pleasant sunrise at KFF on Snæfellsness.

Part of a Mid-Summer night tour of Snæfellsness.

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New on 500px : Ring of ice by TonyPrower by TonyPrower

A beautiful piece of ice on the beach at Jökulsarlon, Iceland.
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New on 500px : Broca’s area by TonyPrower by TonyPrower

Three in a row. This was an attempt to catch the light under the middle ice which looks like the left hemisphere of the human brain. On a spiritual level, this is the part of the brain we try to quiet when we meditate or play an instrument or just listen to a friend. The trouble is, that it is a tough one to ignore. Trapped between the coldness of the blue and the stubbornness of the stone, no wonder it is a challenge to transcend this mystical world of thought and of the left hemisphere of the human brain. Shame about the position of the sun though.
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New on 500px : KFF May evening by TonyPrower by TonyPrower

Kirkjufellsfoss in Grundarfjordur, Iceland on a late May evening. Beautiful location for a Summer Iceland photo tour..
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