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New on 500px : The Red Channel by bruceomori by bruceomori

A channelized ‘a‘a flow rages downslope above the Royal Gardens subdivision in Kalapana. In one of our craziest adventures ever, Tom Kuali‘i and I almost didn’t make it out alive. Glad to still be here. lol.

Little portions of the image are soft due to the extreme amount of thermal distortion generated by the lava surrounding me.

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New on 500px : Night on Etna #4 by marcocalandra89 by marcocalandra89

Facebook page: Marco Calandra Photography
Website: http://ift.tt/JX9CaF

The volcano Etna continues its eruption characterized by continuous paroxysms with new lava fountains and new lava flows.
I went to the Valle del Bove with my cousin to see this spectacular show.
The sky was very clear, the moon was not visible (it was visible a little bit later around midnight) and the stars could be seen very clearly. There was a single problem: the wind.
We were at a high altitude, about 2500 meters, so the wind was very evident. We were therefore forced to seek shelter behind some rocks.
I executed the Startrail with 100 shots interspersed with 30 seconds exposure and then I merged them together.

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New on 500px : Big Island by JamesBinder by JamesBinder

I took this pictures during a lava tour in big island. we hiked 4 hours through mud, sometimes 50cm / 20 inch deep. as we arrived the lava it was very misty i guess because of the rain. the spark on the right side of the image is cause someone poke a stick in the lava. we enjoyed about 45 minutes the lava and walked 4 hours back and it was raining for 3 hours. the hike was terrible but it was worth it to see lava again. thanks for you Likes, Faves and comments
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