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New on 500px : Golden Sunset by rgoulet3 by rgoulet3

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New on 500px : Boulder Beach and Otter Cliffs by adamwoodworth by adamwoodworth

Boulder Beach and Otter Cliffs
Acadia National Park, Maine

The view of Otter Cliffs from Boulder Beach is one of the classic sights in Acadia, but it took me a few trips to Acadia before I finally went there and was able to photograph it at night. Prior to my last trip, all my trips to Acadia had ended up with lots of clouds and fog, but last week I was lucky to get a few clear nights.

In my astrophotography presentations, after I mention the blending of multiple exposures I use to achieve these photos, I sometimes get asked how much time goes into the editing of a photo. For this photo it was over 4 hours of processing on the computer. This photo is a blend of 14 exposures, although logically it is a blend of 5 images. What do I mean by that? I used 10 images of the sky at ISO 6400 for 10 seconds each to create a single image of the sky that has less noise and near pinpoint stars using the Starry Landscape Stacker (http://ift.tt/1iZwUI9) software for Mac. Then I used 4 other foreground exposures to blend with the sky image to create the entire image, having everything in focus from the foreground to the background. After that, lots of work in Lightroom and Photoshop to “mold” my final image.

You can read much more about my process in my tutorial “Introduction to Landscape Astrophotography” on the Luminous Landscape website: http://ift.tt/1nQqJxM

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New on 500px : Stevens Brook by alborr by alborr

Stevens Brook is located in Bridgton, Maine. This is the color version of a previous submission. Please click on image for best view.

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New on 500px : Still Water Reflection by RobinKeus by RobinKeus

High tide on the marsh at sunrise. A picture perfect reflection!

© Robin J Keus Photography

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New on 500px : Spirit of Maine by BenjaminMWilliamson by BenjaminMWilliamson

It felt so good to get out and shoot this morning. I haven’t made too many sunrises in the past month or so, mainly because the light hasn’t been too promising, but also because I haven’t had the will to deprive myself of sleep. The rewards are evident, but it’s just plain hard to get up at 4 AM.

4 AM it was when the alarm went off this morning. I rolled out of bed and checked the satellite images on my phone. The clouds looked good for a dramatic sunrise, so I considered my options. The skies were clear from Augusta to Belfast, so heading Northeast wasn’t looking good. I-295 South would take me to the better light. After driving for a while, I could see the break beneath the bank of clouds was fairly far south. This meant that I would need to go further south. Portland was my first thought, but Old Orchard Beach was growing in my mind.

What I’m saying here is, whenever I plan for a shoot, it’s always contingent on finding the best light. If I go to sleep thinking of great shots around Camden, as I did last night, but I wake up to find that the light looks like it will be better to the south, south I go. Anyways, Old Orchard seemed like the best option for good light, but as happens time and time again, I felt a strong pull to visit Portland Head Light.

I usually park outside the gate at PHL and walk in, but for some reason the gate was wide open at 4:45 AM! Nice. Scouting shots and compositions is always a joy here. I had in mind a panorama of the horseshoe-shaped cove on the more popular side of the lighthouse, but as the light began to really blow up, I was having difficulties panning the head on my cheap tripod. If there was ever a wake-up call for upgrading to better gear, this was it. I was wasting precious time and the sunrise was quickly becoming epic.

I did what I could with the pano, but the amount of bracketing required to get the shadowed foreground and lighthouse and blazing sky properly exposed was too much. I quickly reviewed the h

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New on 500px : Galactic Tracks by miketaylorphoto by miketaylorphoto

This is a 9 shot panorama covering 180 degrees of sky view from North (left) to South (right) while looking East. Featuring the Spring arc of our Milky Way galaxy, this was photographed at Unity Pond, Maine along the unused train tracks. There is a bit of green airglow in the sky and the orange hue on the horizon is light pollution. This image was processed through Lightroom 5 & Photoshop CS5 and stitched together via PTGui.

2014 Night Photography Workshops Schedule – Metallic prints:Taylor Photography Portfolio

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