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New on 500px : The playful Novice by spotlightonasia by spotlightonasia

Over the years I have noticed that the novices in Myanmar can be quite mischievous and in many ways just like other children in the world. Boys will be boys.

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New on 500px : Acrobatic fisherman by spotlightonasia by spotlightonasia

Anyone entering Inle Lake by boat will come across these guys who put on a show for the tourists. Sadly there are only a few genuine fishermen left in the lake.

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New on 500px : Two novices worshipping by spotlightonasia by spotlightonasia

The two novices worship Buddah inside one of the many stupas in Bagan, Myanmar.

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New on 500px : Returning with the catch by spotlightonasia by spotlightonasia

The fisherman make their way back to the mainland after being out to see for a few days.

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