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New on 500px : park villa melzi, lago di como 3 by veredit by veredit

park impressions from the gorgeous Garden of Villa Melzi, Bellagio – Lago di Como, Italy
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New on 500px : Gather ‘Round the Pony Show by tulatop by tulatop

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Ponytail Falls · Horsetail Creek · Columbia River Gorge · Dodson · Oregon · USA

Sometimes I forget how stir-crazy Oregonians get during the cold winter and wet early-spring doldrums. But we’re rather tough ol’ birds at the same time, and as soon as the rate of rainfall drops to less than an inch an hour, you can expect the Gorge parking lots to fill up faster than Walmart’s on Black Friday. So it was with a little bit of shock and dismay when, while on an entertaining hike with photog friends Steven Michael, Kay Martin, and Gulnara “GiGi” Peek, we returned to Ponytail Falls to find a throng of ogling spectators after having been turned back by trail crew clearing a landslide directly above the boot path to Upper Oneonta Falls. But who could blame them, really, when the falls traces such a graceful arc in the belly of a such a beautifully verdant canyon? I usually don’t care to include people or manmade objects in my landscapes if I can help it at all, but I figured this time I’d just go with the flow and resist the urge to Photoshop them out in post-production. I think they lend a dual sense of scale here rather nicely–both in terms of Ponytail’s beguiling size and its growing popularity with the locals.

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New on 500px : Slanted & Enchanted by MichaelBollino by MichaelBollino

Yesterday was one of the good days. The spring greens in the Columbia River Gorge are kicking into full gear, the weather was perfect for shooting (light winds, periods of sun and clouds, crisp light), and I met a bunch of great photographers over dinner and beers. This image was a long time coming for me as I’d shot Dry Creek a few times but never felt all that great about what I came home with. Thanks to everyone involved in yesterday’s jamboree and making it such a memorable day. Long live LPR!


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New on 500px : Little Giant by ropelatophotography by ropelatophotography

http://ift.tt/1jdNKVw No one has shot this tree like Aaron Reed. If you like this shot, you have got to check his shots out, he has several, and they’re all phenomenal. I was shooting the Gorge this week and took the opportunity to head into Portland and check out the Japanese Garden for the better part of one morning. This place reminds me what is possible when people really care about what they do. It¬タルs always a pleasure hanging out at this spot. If you¬タルre ever in that area, make it a point quietly walk through yourself. Cheers -jared ropelato http://ift.tt/16IJBSj http://ift.tt/w45MJK http://ift.tt/KffsTX
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New on 500px : The Tree by BodhiSmith by BodhiSmith

Here is another new one from my recent trip….this was captured in the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon and it is a short exposure for me, but very colorful as the tree was wearing its spring colors…this composition of this tiny little Japanese maple tree was made famous by another famous photog we all know and love 😉 Simple entitled “The Tree” because as I was shooting it, literally everyone walking by asked me if this was “The Tree”… Settings: ISO-50, 18mm at f/8 for 1/6th sec…using two .75 ND grad filters inverted to each other to bring the center of the exposure out and the rest down 2.5 stops… peace, D.”Bodhi”
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