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New on 500px : Méditation au lac des poissons sacrés by Neris by Neris

Une méditation qui s’accompagne d’une offrande de pain aux poissons-chats sacrés qui pullulent dans le lac.

Meditation with offering of bread to sacred catfishes which live in the lake..

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New on 500px : Little Giant by ropelatophotography by ropelatophotography

http://ift.tt/1jdNKVw No one has shot this tree like Aaron Reed. If you like this shot, you have got to check his shots out, he has several, and they’re all phenomenal. I was shooting the Gorge this week and took the opportunity to head into Portland and check out the Japanese Garden for the better part of one morning. This place reminds me what is possible when people really care about what they do. It¬タルs always a pleasure hanging out at this spot. If you¬タルre ever in that area, make it a point quietly walk through yourself. Cheers -jared ropelato http://ift.tt/16IJBSj http://ift.tt/w45MJK http://ift.tt/KffsTX
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