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New on 500px : Zama Beach by ToddWall by ToddWall

4 exposures. 120 seconds on the foreground three -2,0,+2 blended of the sky.

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New on 500px : Cancun Beach Mexico by EkaterinaGoroshko by EkaterinaGoroshko

Cancun – one of the best know tourist destinations in the world. This no one visiting can be in doubt of. But 40 years ago, this area was bare nature, and there was only three residents here. Hard to imagine when you drive along the endless lines of hotels. The first nine hotels was build by the Mexican government, because investors didn’t quite believe in the future for Cancun. Also quite hard to imagine today.


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New on 500px : Ancient Temple of Chamula by GaboWert by GaboWert

This piece shows the ancient Temple of Chamula which is a remote community in the State of Chiapas, in it is one of the few pagan Churches in the country. The locals form part of the Tzotzil population of the State, they rule themselves under their own laws. This particular ruin was once the actual church of the community but due to the Tzotzil rituals the church was burned in a large fire.

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New on 500px : Complementar Rowboats by GaboWert by GaboWert

This is the cover of my book “Chiapas And Its Vistas” which is a travel photography book dedicated to the beautiful Mexican State of Chiapas. This piece was taken at the Montebello lagoons were i found this colourful rowboats.

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