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New on 500px : Stormy Sunset by NeosVortex by NeosVortex

While out on Lake Michigan last night, we had a strong storm come through. I was disappointed as I didn’t think I would get to see a sunset. After severe winds and torrential rains, I started to see some color break through. I ran to grab my camera and walked down to the beach. I only had 10 minutes, and this is the last shot I took before I saw lightning again 20 miles to my south.

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New on 500px : The Tahquamenon Flow by WaltonGonawabi by WaltonGonawabi

Everything of that day was constant and gradual, the gentle cool breeze of the fall season, the water rushing over the edge of the falls, and my thoughts that ran through my mind, as I thought of the best way to capture Tahquamenon Falls..:) WG

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New on 500px : The Light by RADial_Photography by RADial_Photography

Wanted to do some star shots but this was better with the fog on the Clinton River. Rochester Hills Michigan.

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