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New on 500px : Jokulsarlon in Midnight Sun… by IurieBelegurschi by IurieBelegurschi

Shot few days ago during our Midnight Sun photo tour in Iceland.

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New on 500px : The midnight sun by arcticlapse by arcticlapse

The midnight sun in the north of Norway captured this time last year. Below is my hometown of Tromsø, one of the largest cities north of the arctic circle with its 70.000 inhabitants.

This is an outtake from a short timelapse – if you wanna see the rest go to http://on.fb.me/1l3AYab

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New on 500px : Troll by AlisterBenn by AlisterBenn

In the far north of Iceland a wonderful couple of days on my own – sleeping under the stars in perfect solitude.

Best viewed on BLACK

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New on 500px : The mountain by Woodentom by Woodentom

i had booked a night near this very famous place but the weather was terrible. i spent the night waiting for a window of opportunity and got soaked for most of it but when the rain did stop there were a few moments of bliss

this must be the most iconic mountain i have seen on 500px

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New on 500px : Midnight Swim by libanyusuf by libanyusuf

Not sure why it’s a little blurry. Click it to get it sharper.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico.

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