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New on 500px : The Scorpion by MilesMorganPhotography by MilesMorganPhotography

OBVIOUSLY needs to be viewed on black…

Not a whole lot to say here. Up early to go fly, and I woke up missing my friends. Taken on an adventure with the world’s best buddies and volcano photographers Bruce Omori and Tom Kuali’i of Extreme Exposure Photography in Hawaii. A morning Ryan and I will NEVER forget.

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New on 500px : Deja View by MilesMorganPhotography by MilesMorganPhotography

Are you viewing on black yet??? No? Seriously? Sigh…. Before you say it, yes I know it’s Deja Vu. It’s a play on words because this place had quite the view. Pithy, huh? The reason for the title is simply that you’ve seen this image before from me here on 500px. This is merely a (major) reprocess. I would link back to it but A) I’m too much of a moron to bother looking up the link code, and B) 90% of you are probably viewing this on the mobile app and the links don’t work there anyway. So if you would like to see this shot with it’s original clothes, you can just head back through my portfolio and take a look. It probably also looks familiar because you have seen EXTREMELY similar processing from my bestus buddy Ryan Dyar. That’s because I took a Skype lesson from him to have him help me process this image. I thought this was an appropriate example of Ryan’s teachings since he was standing about a foot from me while the evening literally exploded around us. Far and away the best night of shooting I’ve ever had. One because it was the most wonderful light I’ve ever seen, and two because I was surrounded by my favorite people… Ryan being one of them. It’s also appropriate that I show some of Ryan’s continuing influence on my photography because last week he took a great step into the unknown world of instructional videos and has released his first one entitled “Painting With Light”. It’s, in a word, OUTSTANDING. All his “secret sauce” as our good buddy Breezy would say is in there. The techniques he uses to dodge and burn color and light into a scene are thoroughly explained and demonstrated. For the price of an average dinner out with your spouse/girlfriend/local librarian, you can learn how to make your images a little more magical. I thought this image was the best example of that, since you have the after, and can go back and see the before. I’ll pull my old shot off this site in a week or so. Obviously the guy is a cherished friend of mine, so this post could be interpreted as merely a plug for a buddy. But it doesn’t mean that my support isn’t earned. In my heart, I know the guy is a simply a genius. His style may not be for everyone, but it sure is for me. You can find the first in what I hope is a long series of his videos at http://ift.tt/HjSx9r. Now THAT is worth looking up the hyperlink code for.
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