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New on 500px : Fjordland Passage by kahkityoong by kahkityoong

One of three in a series of images that takes pride of place among by best landscapes from 2013. I shot this on a private workshop last year.
I’m not in the habit of self-promotion on 500px but next year I’m teaming up with Arild Heitmann, who I consider Norway’s premier landscape photographer. We will be leading a tour of the finest locations in Arctic Norway.

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New on 500px : * * * M i l f o r d . S o u n d * * * by DanskieDijamco by DanskieDijamco

It was my 3rd time to visit this place but my 2nd time to shoot and still didn’t get a good light for both sunset/sunrise. A bad weather forecast and we’re just hopefully to see some miracle to happen. Only a handful of moments to see a glimpse of good light but the rest was mostly cloudy + showers. I still want to get back to this place and will plan better to have good timing.

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New on 500px : Canvas of Milford – World Heritage New Zealand by ColinMonteath by ColinMonteath

Canvas of Mitre peak, Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, World Heritage New Zealand.
Photo: Colin Monteath / http://ift.tt/1kncfzO (NZ) & http://ift.tt/vZ4c5B (USA)

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New on 500px : Light from Within by christianlim by christianlim

colored version of a previous upload image of milford sound, this one without the sunburst…. clouds were confused today.

need to get out and shoot some more but work has the better of me right now… until maybe the end of the year.

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New on 500px : Stirling Falls by alokgohil by alokgohil

Extremely beautiful, 155m high “Stirling Falls” Waterfall in Milford Sound. The impact of the waterfall is so strong as it hits the water, it creates a spectacular scene.

Thank you all for the appreciation and love, learning a lot from all of 500px community. Cheers

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New on 500px : Water in every form… by TreyRatcliff by TreyRatcliff

A blue, misty morning in Milford Sound, a few hours away from my new home in New Zealand! More about the photo and stuff on the main blog at http://ift.tt/qCe472 🙂

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New on 500px : In the clear of day by everlookphotography by everlookphotography

Milford Sound
New Zealand

From our experiences at Milford and from general viewing of photographs, I’m guessing this blue sky is a rare sight! This was taken from the deck of a cruise heading into the still sound as a handheld bracketed shot.
(apologies for the previous upload – was having difficulties with the 500px interface in holding pattern….)

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