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New on 500px : Simple way to see the milky way. by edilsonfborges by edilsonfborges

The milky way. The thing that I haven’t known till I came on my uncle farm’s. It’s amazing how big it is!

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New on 500px : In Pursuit of Solitude by annishaikh1990 by annishaikh1990

On her way back home, she couldn’t help herself think of him. She found herself smiling throughout the journey cherishing the memories they made. Perhaps, She knew this rendezvous would somehow turn out to be a Date. She wondered with true amazement at how someone in this cruel world, a popular amongst many, and a remarkable person could be so dynamically grounded, untouched by his background, talent and hard work. He unknowingly let her into his spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes and dreams. Perplexity of this aura mystified her. Two different souls, in search of serenity. Could there be any commitment? Only time is bound to reveal…
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