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New on 500px : Panoramic Memories by cwexplorationphotography by cwexplorationphotography

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This is my first ever attempt at a full milky way panoramic. It stretches from looking south toward Astoria, OR and the north to the most northern tip of the Long Beach Peninsula here in Washington. It’s comprised of 9 vertically stitched photos, 18mm, ISO 3200, 20 seconds, f/2.8.

This location has always held a special in my heart as my dad spent a great deal of time here as a child and kept the tradition alive with me. This photo is a special one not only because of the area it was taken in but also because I was able to shoot the stars with my dad and teach him how to photograph the milky way for his first time. We lost track of time and before we knew it, it was already 2am… It was pretty awesome!

Thanks for checking it out sharing is appreciated!

The Milky Way rises over Long Beach, WA


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