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New on 500px : Sweet As Lake by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng

After a couple of failed sunrises last autumn of 2013 in Glenorchy, we decided to try our luck in Moke Lake. it was a 20 minute drive through bumpy roads of sheep and cow pastures from the town center.

This is one of those 0 degree morning, where we just got out from our beauty sleep and immediately dipping ourselves in knee high, stagnant, and freezing water. And oh, I can’t even describe how unpleasant the smell was. We still managed to wade through it. Stepped on these huge hays and got there just in time. Shot all the way until golden hour. One of my favorites. Cheers!

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New on 500px : * * * G o l d e n M o m e n t s * * * by DanskieDijamco by DanskieDijamco

A 7km drive in from the main road. Truly a magical scenery and fantastic spot to shoot. It has this sense of being out in the middle of no where in the shadows of the large mountains around you. But to get on this nice spot is by far very challenging.

Filters: Lee Pro Glass 0.9 ND + Singhray GND 0.9 Hard Edge

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