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New on 500px : The Golden Obelisks by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

View on black, lest ye forever be branded with a SCARLET LETTER. It shall be a ‘P’, for “Person who did not see shadow details”! The monoliths of Oregon’s Will Smith Rock State Park catch golden sunset light, as the Crooked River rages below. As you may be aware, I teach my processing workflow over Skype. If you like the way my images look and would like to learn my techniques, please visit my website for more information: http://ift.tt/YdCotQ ALSO: an in-field workshop announcement to come soon. STAY TUNED. (to the A-NOR channel?)
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New on 500px : 7000 BC and The Thoughts Of Man by blindmanshooting by blindmanshooting

Callanish came about in 700BC. One of the great wonders is to spend time here walking about and try to figure out the different purposes of the stones. A divining rod can be fun as well. Try mapping out what the rods do and map out the path of your walk amongst the stones. If you can figure out just one thing, then you have touched the minds of elders from another time.
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