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New on 500px : The New Way of Sunset by rusphotostudio by rusphotostudio

awesome day on malibu taking sunset shoots lets see if people like my vizion of photography performing rocks formation and movement susnet shoots.

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New on 500px : Cheia Monastery by ionutvrabie by ionutvrabie

Cheia Monastery is located on Valley Teleajenului, at an altitude of 887 m, in the foothills Ciucas (Eastern Carpathians), between Tampa and Cheita streams. In the area there have been established Transylvanian refugees and pastors since the XVII century, after the Uniate in 1701 and in 1770 was founded on the mountain Balabanu a wooden hermitage, wearing patron Sf.Nicolae (settlement devastated by Turks, seven years later).In 1790, the hermitage was restored, all wood, on another settlement (to the Red Mountain) – the altar of this second place was taken by this church of the Cheia Monastery. The new place of worship, which is dedicated to the Assumption, was located, as is attested in a royal charter given by Alexander Ipsilanti in 1797, is inhabited by 19 monks. The wealth of the hermitage was very poor and, consequently, Prince II donated by the same act, an annual amount of 50 thalers in money to customs officials at Valeni – gift held until 1825 by all the gentlemen next. Between 1832-1835, the hermitage burned at the base. There have been preserved imperial icons, a pall, candlesticks, in 1832 and a seal carved in 1820 by Abbot Dometie.
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