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New on 500px : Old Temple by udaybsharmaster by udaybsharmaster

An old closed temple opposite the Adikesava temple at Sriperumbudur, near Chennai.

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New on 500px : Once upon a time by PoojaThawrani by PoojaThawrani

There would have been colors, music, food… There would have been life here… Once upon a time.

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New on 500px : The Taj Mahal at Sunrise by DebashisTalukdar by DebashisTalukdar

The story behind this image involves me spending some time with my ageing father doing what we both like doing best… exploring the local town. On a cold January morning, we headed down to the banks of the Yamuna to catch a ferry. We had made arrangements with a local boatman the previous evening to be there for a sunrise shot.
The current of the Yamuna proved to be too strong for Manoj, our boatman, as he struggled to get me to a vantage point that would have gotten me to the dead centre in front of the Taj. What I got out of camera was a less than perfect image that was slightly askew.
This image has been reconstructed in Photoshop, to establish the symmetry of this monument reflected in the turbid waters of the Yamuna in the foreground.
In 2013, I began reworking a lot of my older images. I had taken this one in early 2011. The original version was done in HDR – which I have personally started stepping away from in an attempt to get more right when shooting the image. This exercise has shown me how my own workflow has developed over the years, and how much my appreciation for subtle processing techniques has developed. The workflow that I employed to achieve this is available here.

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New on 500px : Chapora Fort by udaybsharmaster by udaybsharmaster

A part of the Chapora Fort in Goa. This is an 18th Century fort, situated on top of a hill near Vagator Beach.
The climb to this fort up the hill is one steep, but fun climb. 🙂

This fort has a history of being moved back and forth between the Portuguese and the Marathas.

Info for Hindi film lovers: One of the most important scenes of the 2001 movie “Dil Chahta Hai” was shot at this fort.

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