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New on 500px : A Midsummer Night’s Dream by tristan by tristan

Daydreaming at night – watching the fog roll in over Crystal Springs Reservoir on a beautiful near full moon night.

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New on 500px : Temple of the Moon by JustinGrimm by JustinGrimm

Here is the first of many images I captured at the alien landscape of Arizona’s White Pocket. I owe this image to my buddy Brian Kibbons for two reasons. First, because he drove like a total possesed beast in his small SUV to get us here. And second, because I saw him checking this crack out before I even noticed it. Yup, comp stomped the shit out of him. Lukily I don’t think he ever seriously shot this crack, so I don’t feel that bad.

One thing I can take credit for is having pre-determined where the moon would be, and at what time, using some phone apps. Such talent, much wow!

Thanks for checking it out!

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New on 500px : Dead Horse Point at Night by miketaylorphoto by miketaylorphoto

The Milky Way rises in the Southeast as the quarter moon slowly sets in the Southwest, lighting up the foreground area and creating a ‘blue hour’ glow in the sky over the red rock hues of Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah. This is one frame from a 2 hour time lapse, processed through Lightroom 5 & Photoshop CS5.

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New on 500px : Champagne supercell by MaxConradPhotography by MaxConradPhotography

Very rare and beautiful view of a strongly rotating supercellular thunderstorm lit up by frequent lightning and moonlight under a clear starry sky.
This photo was taken in the Champagne (Département Ardennes) near Rethel during a four day stormchasing tour through western Europe.

This is the same storm: http://ift.tt/1pvr60s


For several days parts of France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany have experienced a very rare weather pattern with exceptionally high energetic airmasses and strong wind shear. This lead to quite a few very strong thunderstorms racing over these areas again and again and again, most of them of supercellular nature.

During four days of strenuous stormchasing through France, Belgium and Germany mother nature showed us her power and beauty at her best – days like these are the reason for any stormchaser to go through all those agonizing moments of continuous decision making, weather forecasting, driving hundreds or thousands of kilometers may be for literally nothing, waiting bored for hours, missing the right spot, arriving too late or staying at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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New on 500px : Wonders Below by goldpaintphotography by goldpaintphotography

Tufa (too’-fah) is essentially common limestone. What is uncommon about this limestone is the way it forms. Typically, underwater springs rich in calcium (the stuff in your bones) mix with lakewater rich in carbonates (the stuff in baking soda). As the calcium comes in contact with carbonates in the lake, a chemical reaction occurs resulting in calcium carbonate–limestone. The calcium carbonate precipitates (settles out of solution as a solid) around the spring, and over the course of decades to centuries, a tufa tower will grow. Tufa towers grow exclusively underwater, and some grow to heights of over 30 feet. The reason visitors see so much tufa around Mono Lake today is because the lake level fell dramatically after water diversions began in 1941.

You can read more about Mono Lake by visiting The Mono Lake Committee’s Website.

If you’re interested in joining me out in the field, there are still a few spaces left in our 2014 schedule. Visit our 2014 Night Sky Photography Workshops page for more info.

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New on 500px : Turret Arch Reflections by miketaylorphoto by miketaylorphoto

A rare puddle from an afternoon shower makes for nice reflections along the walkway to Turret Arch in Arches National Park, Moab Utah. The moon came up as a sliver behind me and offered just the right amount of illumination on the arch and the foreground at 4 AM. The light pollution on the horizon below the Milky Way is coming from the town of Moab. This image is a single exposure that was processed through Lightroom 5 twice – once for the foreground and once for the sky – and blended through Photoshop CS5.

2014 Night Photography Workshops Schedule

Metallic prints: Taylor Photography Portfolio

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New on 500px : Reykjanes Iceland by gunnargestur by gunnargestur

Reykjanes peninsula – Iceland
For those who are traveling to Iceland, this is about 15-20 min drive from keflavik airport
feel free to follow my or add on facbook


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