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New on 500px : Pirates of the Tasman by christianlim by christianlim

a vertical rendition of one of my more well known images from the tasman sea. paid off to take the long route as I was able to catch this from the right side before the tides kept coming it and pushing us back to the sand.

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New on 500px : Butterfly Wings by christianlim by christianlim

The call of the starfish too strong for me to leave and head towards these karsts, this was as far as wanted to go while waiting for the backlighted scene behind me to soften a bit more. I guess you can only make a plan and hope everything sticks… which is very rare no matter how often you visit a location.

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New on 500px : Stars, Camera, Action. by christianlim by christianlim

Wasting valuable time trying to get these guys on the right position but they just kept on moving, I was however only trying to get 1 shot this day (which I did) so I was contented to play around, standing on lower ground and waves would constantly flow into my inner thighs. A landscape, with human element, + BTS shot in one frame. This one a 5 shot merge.

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New on 500px : Star of the Show by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng

My first visit to New Zealand was spring of 2012. I instantly fell in love with NZ’s landscape. Took my family the following autumn of 2013 and again with my shooting buddies during winter of that same year. This 2014. we officially opened our 1st ever autumn photo NZ photo tour from Philippines.

Here’s a shot taken 2 months ago, golden hour at Motukiekie Beach, New Zealand. Opted for a starburst this time. Cheers!

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New on 500px : Smooth by kahkityoong by kahkityoong

Just in case anybody isn’t sick of seeing these bloody starfish yet 😉


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New on 500px : Soldiers of the Sea by christianlim by christianlim

sunset nearing the end on the tasman sea… not too much going on with the waves so I had to be very patient just to catch a few spiral on this rock… the stronger one’s though did not work as good… still not enough to make a difference so I opted to just shoot with the sand out reflecting the color of the sky.

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New on 500px : The Colony by christianlim by christianlim

A vertical orientation of the starfish colony on motukiekie, there were more than 8 photographers during our first visit so I had to move to a position no one wanted to shoot, my tripod and legs spread eagled with the water rushing between my legs, a bit painful due to the distance of the spread. (Now I can say that I am very very thankful that I go to the gym). Had to be very smart in choosing my spots on this trip as I have made quite a few stops on all these locations…. wanted really get some vantages that would fit nicely into the collection.

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New on 500px : Count Your Lucky Stars – New Zealand by LukeAustin by LukeAustin

Count Your Lucky Stars – Motukiekie. West Coast, New Zealand. (sometimes you get lucky) Details for our New Zealand – South Island photo tour in September will be sent out by the weeks end to those that have registered their interest so far. If you are yet to do so please simply state “NZ trip” in the “your question” field on the contact page @ CONTACT Those that register will be given the initial opportunity to book a spot before it is announced elsewhere.
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