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New on 500px : Step by Step by christianlim by christianlim

mount cook sunset light from the hooker glacier lake…. i think one more trip back here should be enough for me…. this is trip no5.

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New on 500px : From Here To Eternity by Dylken by Dylken

Mt Ollivier, Mt Cook National Park, New Zealand.

Taken 1 hour before sunrise from just below the summit of Mt Ollivier. Mueller Hut can be seen in the bottom of frame with Mt Sefton above it and Mt Cook and Hooker Lake on the far right.

9 vertical frames were used to get this angle of view.

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New on 500px : Tasman Lake by TheWanderingSoul by TheWanderingSoul

Early in the morning I woke up at the parking lot below Mueller Lake (it was the second night sleeping there in my car). The day before I was taking photographs during sunrise and sunset at Mueller and Hooker Lake. That early morning, when I looked up to the sky I saw some flat clouds right of the Hooker Valley with already a very small red hue. Even it was my original plan to photograph that morning again at Mueller Lake I thought about better leaving and driving to the Tasman Lake. I had been there two weeks ago and I knew that it’s difficult to capture the beauty of the Tasman Lake very well but I’ve said to myself that I could never forgive myself if the colors of the clouds would increase later and I wouldn’t have a chance to capture it (the sky above the Hooker Lake was cloudless). Past a while I luckily made the decision to drive to Tasman Lake. Thank god. Because the saturation of the sky grew steadily I drove faster and faster – alone, along the small road, through the valley in the dawn against time with the red sky above the mountain range to my right. I felt some kind of adrenaline and I also felt like a rally driver, someone may forgive me for driving to fast but it felt so right that moment. I stopped hard at the Tasman Valley parking lot, jumped out of my car, grabbed my gear and started running up to the viewing platform. Not more than ridiculous 100 meters later I was totally breathless and feared to miss that sunrise but I continued walking. A little later I reached the highest point and started to capture the scenery. No one there except myself, coughing and puffing like an old man but feeling alive like never before. A cold wind blowing and that awesome sky above me, turning even the gray surface of the rocks and stone fields into reds. I was so pleased with. A wonderful moment.

Two days later I’ve left New Zealand, that was my farewell gift – thanks for it!

Copyright © 2014 Sven Müller. All rights reserved.

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New on 500px : Light of Ages by christianlim by christianlim

Mt Cook and Mt Tasman partially hidden with sunrise colored clouds to the left side. I maxed out all the detail and exposure I could control on 1 shot (as the base image) then took 4 more so I could complete the mood I wanted. Rendered this one a bit dark as it best conveys that moment that was given.

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New on 500px : Glow Valley by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng

A track that supposed to be a 1.5 hours(one way) hike, our group of 11 photographers made it under 55minutes. Brisk walking, Amazing!  Must be because of the clear weather, plus snow capped mountains, plus eagerness to shoot, plus thrill & adventure, equals to 100% Jacked up adrenaline. LOL

I will never grow tired of visiting this place. 4.5 kms of one way hike is nothing once you reach the glacier valley lake. This is my fourth time and it was a sunset. A totally different scene from the usual sunrise that I have taken. Alpen glow of Mt. Cook on a cold and calm late autumn day. Cheers!

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