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New on 500px : Twin Candles by alexnoriega by alexnoriega

Looks best on black.

Striking formations rise from the grasslands of South Dakota’s Badlands National Park, catching dramatic sunrise light. This is an image from January 2013, shot on a trip back to the Midwest.

There’s not much to work with here if you want this specific perspective, where these formations take on a stoic twin-peaks shape – so I settled on the leading curve offered by this ridge. Full snow cover or wildflowers would be ideal, but both are rare and fleeting, and I never find myself voluntarily in South Dakota. If I did, it’d be for this place alone.

Anyway, did you guys know the red candle can be used multiple times on the same screen? This makes it ideal for finding burnable bushes that are a secret to everybody. It’s also a formidable weapon against slow-moving foes, such as mummies.
Check out this workshop Alex Mody and I are offering this September in Olympic National Park (only four spots remaining): http://ift.tt/1nfoq70

If you like the way my images look, you be interested in knowing that I teach my post-processing workflow online via Skype! You can find more info here: http://ift.tt/1isThsi

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New on 500px : The War Path by RyanDyar by RyanDyar

While out on a remote desert playa (not the Alvord however) in Southeast Oregon near the Nevada border, I was treated to one of the most impressive displays of light and weather that I have had the privilege to photograph. Thunder echoed through my tent for most of the night interspersed with the howls of a nearby pack of Coyotes. It really was one of the most surreal nights I’ve ever spent alone in the wilderness.

Anyways, I recently released a tutorial video that covers some of the techniques I use in my processing (ones that were used in the making of this image). I also lead in-field workshops, teach processing online via Skype screen sharing, and blah blah blah.

Also, I’m happy to announce that I will be co-leading a tour in March with my friend Arild Heitmann! 10 epic days of chasing light across Norway. Mountains, beaches, beaches with mountains, Aurora, long arctic sunrises and sunsets. It’s destined to be the trip of lifetime!

You can check it all out at Ryan Dyar Photography.

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New on 500px : A fleur de peau by thibaultbarron by thibaultbarron

Dans cet univers abstrait où vapeurs, odeurs de soufre et gargouillements contribuent au sentiment de proximité qui y règne, mosaïques pastelles et accrétions sédimentaires dessinent un sol d’une grande fragilité. La puissance du phénomène géothermique met le coeur de la Terre à fleur de peau.
In this abstract world where vapors, odors of sulfur and gurgling contribute to the sense of closeness that prevails, pastel mosaics and sedimentary accretion draw a very fragile floor.

Sources chaudes de Námafjall | Islande

For more pictures of this trip check out my Facebook page or my G+ account

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New on 500px : Used UFO Lot by MilesMorganPhotography by MilesMorganPhotography

*processed to view on black*

Maybe it’s because I like cars that these Hoodoos look like UFO’s to me. Or maybe it’s just because I’m a dork. David “DBreezy” Thompson and Paul “Romeo” Rojas were kind enough to let me tag along on a trip to the amazing Bisti Badlands In New Mexico. The highlight of our trip was meeting the wizard behind the curtain of the Southwest in the form of one Cecil Witt. That in and of itself made the trip special. Stories ensued, but I won’t bore you with them. Ok, I’ll bore you with one.

Fatigue is an insidious, relentless, obnoxious bastard. As an airline pilot, I spend a great deal of time thinking about, managing, studying, and trying to avoid fatigue. It can turn a sober man/woman into a staggering waste of air if left unchecked. ** Cue looming foreshadow music… DUN DUN DUNNNNNN **

I arrived a day early, and set about the business of shooting a nothing sunset before getting truly, deeply, passionately, and properly lost. Eventually stumbling upon my rental car, I went back to town and waited for my friends to arrive. And arrive they did. In style, at 3am. This after working all day and being up all night. There is no point in trying to sleep for 30 min, so we all piled in the rental and headed out into the cold desert night air.

Not much is said in the middle of the night on a long, straight, lonely highway in the middle of nowhere. Just a few glances to the stars to see what kind of conditions we could expect. The dashed yellow line in the middle of the road whizzing by can become mesmerizing at 3:30am. Paul moved over to the left lane of our two lane road, to avoid some sort of object he must have seen in our lane. I nodded thankfully that he was driving because I hadn’t seen a thing…. A pregnant pause later and we were still whooshing along at 80mph in the left hand lane. I wondered if we had transported to England. Time slowed down. The car didn’t.

“Uhhhhh, Paul?” Breezy chimed in from the back seat


“Dude. Do you realize you are in the wrong lane?”


*Lane change back to the correct side*


Breezy: “Dude, I’ve got kids”. I always love that line, and I know when I hear it whatever we are doing is probably a bad idea.

Paul has gotten really good at putting together little videos of our trips, so I thought I’d post the link here. I apologize for the following

1) I might have sworn by accident a few times
2) My hair. I usually mousse each individual strand which takes me around 3 hours
3) The smell. If you are watching on smell cam, we didn’t bathe much.

Paul’s Video

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New on 500px : An Uneasy Existence by TomSchwabel by TomSchwabel

A massive penguin colony forms the backdrop for this view of king penguins and a fur seal, Salisbury Plain, South Georgia.

Copyright 2013 Tom Schwabel, All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

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