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New on 500px : Morning Music by jadytuco by jadytuco

A usual morning scene in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Kids are up early and play some music on their way to peddle their wares

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New on 500px : Otaru Music Box by SuradejChuephanich by SuradejChuephanich

Otaru Music Box Museum is one of the largest museum shops of music boxes, orgel, in Japan. The beautiful century-old building, designated as one of historic landmarks of OtaruCity, is full of music boxes in various sizes and types.

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New on 500px : We can be Heroes by glenn1112 by glenn1112

Across the street from Elvis is another of the many 3 dimensional objects you will find in downtown Nashville. Here is a really big guitar- about 10 feet (3 m) – long adorned with some of the town’s Honky Tonk Heroes. The artist is Ron Sweeney. People like to have their photo taken with it. Behind it you see a place I did not go into, Legends Corner. The bar is on a corner, has a great neon sign. Behind all that is the ever-present at&t tower.

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