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New on 500px : The Starry Sky of the Spitzkoppe by laurenmetzler by laurenmetzler

I shot this while standing on an ancient volcano, gazing up at the heavens and painting with light from my torch.

For two weeks, I followed Ben McRae through the Namib desert, across Damaraland and into Kaokoveld.

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New on 500px : The Holy Fire by laurenmetzler by laurenmetzler

The Holy Fire is tied to the ancestors of the Himba people, which are their gods. Newcomers must not step between the First Wife’s hut and the Holy Fire. Instead, they go around the back and speak with the Chief of the tribe first. (Or the First Wife if the Chief is away) Afterwards, they have permission to stay in the village as long as they like. The Himba are a nomadic people, some traveling from village to village, and all are welcome.

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New on 500px : Salt Walvis Bay Namibia. by Africatracks by Africatracks

Namibia – Walvis Bay Salt.
The red colour indicates the salinity of the ponds.

Walvis Bay has one of the largest salt works in Africa. Refiners salt production process is based on the solar evaporation of sea water to produce 99,4% pure sodium chloride on dry mass basis.
Sea water off Walvis Bay, which is the only raw material, contains a 3,5% concentration of salts with 2,,9% sodium chloride. The water is pumped from a natural lagoon at a rate of 240m3 per minute into a series of pre-evaporation ponds and then through a series of concentration ponds.

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This picture was made with my Nikon D800E and the Nikkor 14/24mm 2,8
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New on 500px : The Final Act by HougaardMalan by HougaardMalan

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This was certainly one of my most productive days of photography in Namibia. Big storms were forecast for Spitzkoppe and I had all my timelapse gear set up below the arch by 1pm. My cameras clicked away as the clouds built and by 5pm I was sunburnt, thirsty as hell and sunset was still 2 hours away. By the time last light was off the arch I was absolutely dead so I decided to pack up. I had gotten the arch with amazing building cumulonimbus clouds, in light below dark and texture-rich storm clouds and finally with an amazing double rainbow in it. The storm had moved to the North and the last light of day was painting everything in beautiful light, but I was too tired to shoot. My girlfriend motivated me to get out my gear and take a few final shots despite my exhaustion. So this shot is all thanks to Roleen.

Spitzkoppe, Namibia, D800e, 14-24mm

This image is the intellectual property of Hougaard Malan. It may not be used in any way without the author’s written consent.

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New on 500px : Okaukuejo by gustavorr by gustavorr

Charca de Okaukuejo. Namibia. Todo una experiencia dormir oyendo los rugidos de los leones. (Please, view in black – press H) (Pulsar H para ver en fondo negro)
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