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New on 500px : North Korea country people by gonzalonb by gonzalonb

Last Easter I went to North Korea for a week, one of the most exciting, jaw´-drawping and amazing trips of my life! I first arrived to Beijing, where I stayed for a couple days. I could have gone to North Korea by plane, which only takes 2 hours, but my friend said to make a 26-hour journey by train, so we did. We didn’t have any tour guide with us in the train, so we were completely able to interact with lots of north koreans. I have to admit they are super nice, and with a great sense of humor! This picture was taken from the train, as we were passing by dozens of villages, it was such a great experience to see with my own eyes the real North Korea, and pretty difficult to take pictures of the people while you are on a train and zooming in, but i managed to take some pretty good ones!. Hope you like this picture! =) And please all opinions are very welcome in order to improve my photography skills, have a great day!

via 500px http://ift.tt/1jdCJSJ

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